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Building an even stronger community.  

One point at a time.

Buzz Points is a rewards program that works everywhere you use your Buzz Checking debit card. That means points now, rewards later!  Plus, Bank of Washington is all about community, and so is Buzz Points! That’s why you earn more points for every dollar you spend at locally owned businesses. More money in the community means more growth, more jobs, and a more robust local economy.


How Buzz Points Works

  • Open a Buzz Checking account and enroll in Buzz Points to earn points everywhere you use your card. 
  • Shop local for twice the points and greater rewards.
  • Redeem your points for local or national rewards, or redeem them for a cash donation to a local charity!

With Buzz Points, you earn points on every purchase you make using your Buzz Checking debit card. Receive 1+ points per every dollar spent when you choose locally owned businesses, and ½ point per dollar spent when you shop at national chains, up to $1,000 per transaction.

Before you know it, you will be eligible for a reward!  Redeem your points for local or national rewards, or redeem for a cash donation to a local charity.  Points and rewards are automatically tracked through the app or the Buzz Points website.  It's easy!

Gain access to exclusive offers from Preferred Local Businesses. Stay in the loop through the web and app platforms. Save your favorite offer and get notified when you walk in the door.

Shop Local Perks

  • A Preferred Local Business is one that has actively joined the Buzz Points network to offer rewards.  Even if a local business is not a Preferred Local Business, you will still earn 1 point per dollar spent just because the business is local.
  • Preferred Local Businesses can offer extra incentives to Buzz Points users, such as points, loyalty offers and rewards.
  • Buzz Points users earn at least 1 point per dollar spent for shopping at a Preferred Local Business.  Many of these businesses choose to offer even higher point multipliers.