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Digital Banking Upgrade


Get ready for a better digital experience.

Upgraded Digital Banking for You: Coming December 7, 2020

We are excited to announce that an upgraded digital experience is headed your way! We took a deep dive into the usability of our systems and identified a number of ways that we can make your digital experience even better. The number one goal: to make banking easy for you. Our upgraded system is intuitive and has an incredible amount of new features to help you easily manage your money. Here are a few of the new features we're especially excited about: 
 Control: Real customization! With drag and drop functionality. You decide what accounts you see, how they are named, what order and more!
 Simple: One simple, secure, and seamless interface. The same features, in the same place, regardless your device!
 Secure: New enhanced security features, helping to keep you safe. 
 Budget: Connect accounts and view your full financial picture in one place, complete with automated spending categories. 
 Convenient: simple clicks to move money, pay people, order checks, connect with us and more.

Important things to know:

  • Account alerts will need to be reestablished. We are providing a number of new alerts with the upgraded system! Due to the complexity of alerts and their customization, we will be asking all account holders to setup their alerts within the upgraded system once it goes live on December 7.  
  • Attention QuickBooks, Quicken and Mint users: you will need to modify your QuickBooks, Quicken and Mint online settings to ensure that your data connectivity transfers smoothly with the updated system. Click here for instructions.
  • Our upgraded platform will now be the same for consumers and businesses! We can turn on features and functionalities based on each individual's needs.  
  • We need updated contact information from all current online and mobile banking users. The upgraded platform has new security features, one of which asks you to verify your identity. This will be an easy process for you if your email/cell phone number is correct in our system.
  • Your username remains the same with the new platform. Make sure you know your existing username. You will be prompted to generate a new password.
  • Not sure what your username is? Call us at 636-239-7831 and we can help you out.
  • “View Only” mode will start Tuesday, December 1, at 6pm CT for our current platform, both mobile and online, until the morning of December 7. You will be able to check your balance and view transactions, but you will not be able to transfer funds, set up payments in bill pay, move money, deposit checks inside the app, etc. This will ensure that transactions do not get lost inside the upgrade over the next few days.

  • Bill Pay Information: All bills that you scheduled to pay inside our current digital platforms will remain scheduled and will be sent for payment - both recurring payments and one-time payments. Plus, all of your payees will still be in the system. Payments scheduled ahead of time to be paid during December 1 and December 7 will still go through while our platforms are in “View Only” mode.

  • Telebank: During “View Only” mode with our digital banking platforms, you can still electronically transfer funds if needed through our Telebank platform by calling 636-239-9990.

ON OR AFTER DECEMBER 7 (beginning at 8am CT):
  • First Time Login: Download the new Bank of Washington Digital Banking app OR log in using the gray bar up above on our website. You can establish your new log in credentials on either device and the information will sync to the other. Your current Bank of Washington accounts will populate automatically and be present at log in.
  • iOS (Apple) Personal Users: If you have automatic App updates applied to your settings on your device, the app will automatically update on Monday, December 7. If you do not have auto updates on, you will need to go to the App Store and download the updated version. You will know you have the updated app when your icon changes from a dark green background with a gold "George" to a gray background with a green "George". 
  • Android Users: You will need to download a new app on Monday, December 7. The old app will stop working when the new one becomes available. Please go to the Google Play store and search for Bank of Washington. Our new app icon is a gray background with a green “George”.
  • Pro Tip: Your username remains the same, but you will create a new password the first time you log into the upgraded system. 


And... this is just the beginning. Look for more great features and benefits to be coming your way in 2021.