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Kids Go Green Programs

As the oldest and largest community bank in Franklin County, the Bank of Washington has been serving the community for more than 140 years. We love to build lifelong relationships with our customers, which is why our kids savings accounts begin at birth. Celebrate the birth of a new child in your family with our Kids Go Green Baby savings account for newborn through 12 months. As your child grows and begins to learn money basics, our Kids Go Green Jr. savings account offers hands-on learning with tasks and goal-setting for kids ages 1-kindergarten. Finally, our Kids Go Green savings account gets first-eighth graders involved in the community with money saving and locally-focused missions.

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Looking for the best savings accounts for minors? Click on the Learn More button below each account or contact us with questions.


Kids Go Green Baby logo

Newborn - 12 Months

With a new baby, there are so many decisions to make, things to think about, and research to complete. When it comes to opening and developing a savings account for your newborn, we hope we can make that decision a little easier with Kids Go Green Baby. 

Kids Go Green Jr. logo

Age 1 - Kindergarten

We know there are many ways to teach children the importance of making sound financial decisions. We also know it’s never too young to start! Any child that is age 1 through kindergarten is eligible to participate in our Kids Go Green Jr. program! The child will learn two ways to save: by performing a task and by setting a goal.

Kids Go Green logoFirst Grade - Eighth Grade

Kids Go Green members are encouraged to be smart savers and give back to the community! Each year, the club members have missions to complete centered around the community and saving money. The steps to saving are simple, but impactful.