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Dear Future Generation of Washington

May 1, 2023

Dear Future Generation of Washington,

I write you this letter from 200 West Main Street right in the heart of downtown Washington. The Bank of Washington has been on Main Street in Washington since 1877 and our goal is that as you are reading this in 2123, you will still be able to walk right into our Bank off of Main Street 100 years from now.

We recently unveiled a new mission statement that encompasses the root of what we are focused on every single day. The mission of the Bank of Washington is to do good – by prioritizing employees, customers, community, and relationships. This mission outlines our purpose, why we open our doors every day, and formalizes our priorities. It is weaved throughout our culture and our history. We are continually focused on keeping our local communities vibrant and growing, reinvesting local dollars back into the community, helping create local jobs, giving back to local charities and organizations, supporting local schools, creating local opportunities, volunteering our time, and more.

In furtherance of this mission, we are creating an educational fund to provide to the future leaders of the Washington, Missouri community. This year, and for the next 99 years, we will be making a donation to this fund, earmarked to be split between Washington High School and St. Francis Borgia High School, or their successors. The funds will be distributed in their entirety within 180 days of May 1, 2123.

We are proud to be making a donation this year, and for the next 99 years, for the future of our community. We will pass along this information to the next generation, and next generation of bankers at the Bank of Washington, and sincerely look forward to the day they will be able to hand the schools this donation, 100 years from now.

Sincerely yours,
L. B. Eckelkamp, Jr.
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer