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Identity Shield

Enroll at any Bank of Washington branch today!

The Bank of Washington is pleased to bring you industry-leading identity defense designed to Secure, Monitor and Restore your personally identifiable information with our Identity Shield product, powered by EZShield. Why take chances with your personal information and finances - when you can take action to help safeguard your sensitive data today!
Below is a chart that outlines the features of the product and packages.

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Family Silver Package

What you receive automatically by enrolling in Identity Shield at a Bank of Washington branch.

Cost: $5 per month,
Free for Gold Advantage Customers

Family of Enrolled Identity Shield Member

What your immediate family1 members receive just by you enrolling in Identity Shield at a Bank of Washington branch.
Cost: Included in Family Silver Package

Online Identity Vault Members

What you receive when you activate your Online Identity Vault, plus your existing benefits.
Cost: Included in Family Silver Package

Family Gold Package

What you can receive by enrolling in the Family Gold Package through your Online Identity Vault, plus your existing benefits. 
Cost: An additional $5.90 per month

Internet Monitoring: The Dark Web is home to thousands of illegal websites that criminals use to buy and sell stolen information. Internet Monitoring will scan these sites daily for your name, address, email address and phone number.2

Alerts: Receive alerts if your information is found on the online black market for quick preventative action.

Certified Resolution Specialist: Never face identity crime alone. Your certified Resolution Specialist is ready to offer 1-on-1 dedicated support to assist in securing, monitoring and restoring your identity.

End2End Defense®: When something happens to your identity, you need a thorough restoration plan in place. EZShield’s End2End Defense® is a 32-step restoration process that’s designed to discover, isolate and prevent future fraud and identity theft.

Educational Tips: Our goal is to empower customers to stay one step ahead of identity thieves through education and prevention. Get the latest breach and scam news updates, as well as expert identity protection tips in our monthly Identity Report emails.


24/7 Live Support: Identity crime happens when you least expect it. The Resolution Center is here for you 24/7/365 to answer your identity-related questions and assist you with any identity restoration services.


Online Identity Vault™: Never choose between convenience and security again. Your Online Identity Vault™ is an easily accessible place to store your sensitive data like Social Security numbers, credit/debit cards and drivers’ licenses.

Maximized Internet Monitoring: Expand your monitoring services of online black market sites by adding personally identifiable information such as SSN or credit/debit card numbers to your Online Identity Vault.

Password Manager: We use passwords to protect our financial accounts, social media profiles, online shopping sites and more. Store and generate strong passwords that will keep fraudsters out, and access them from anywhere in your Password Manager.

1-Bureau Credit Monitoring & Quarterly Credit Score

1Family members enrolled by Bank of Washington’s Identity Shield service are limited to the individuals properly registered through EZShield® and his/her affiliated persons. Affiliated persons are defined as the spouse or domestic partner of a registered EZShield member and dependent children under the age of 21 who live with the registered EZShield member and dependent children under the age of 25 who are full-time students, as determined by IRS dependency requirements.

2If your information changes, you will need to change your information within the Online Identity Vault™, or call EZShield’s customer service at 855-545-5725. Monitoring occurs for enrolled account owners age 18 or older, and information monitored is dependent upon customer submission of data to the Bank of Washington for monitoring purposes at the time of account enrollment.