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Access to your cash all over the United States is easy with Bank of Washington's partnership with MoneyPass®. The MoneyPass® network of ATMs is one of the largest networks in the nation with approximately 40,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide. Whether you're on vacation, traveling for business, away at school or just shopping around town, you have quick and easy access to cash from your Bank of Washington account - surcharge free when you use a Bank of Washington ATM or a MoneyPass® ATM!
It's easy to locate MoneyPass® ATMs. For a complete list, visit the MoneyPass® website.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's an ATM surcharge fee?

The owner of an ATM can charge cardholders a user fee. The surcharge fee may be as high as $5! You can use your Bank of Washington issued debit/ATM card at any MoneyPass® ATM to avoid paying that surcharge fee.

What fee will I be charged if I use an ATM no part of the MoneyPass Network?

If you use a foreign ATM (an ATM that is not part of the MoneyPass® Network), you will be charged a $1.00 surcharge fee from Bank of Washington as well as a surcharge fee from that ATM’s owner, per transaction. These fees can be as high as $5.00 each.  

Here is a link to Bank of Washington's Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure.

How do I know if an ATM is part of the MoneyPass ATM Network?

To determine if an ATM is part of the MoneyPass® Network, you can: Visit the MoneyPass® website and use the "ATM Locator" there. Most, if not all MoneyPass® ATMs, will have a MoneyPass® logo on the ATM or on the ATM screen. To avoid any surcharges, we recommend using ATMs that are identified with a MoneyPass® logo.

Where is the nearest MoneyPass® ATM?

You can find the closest MoneyPass® ATM by visiting our ATM & Branch Locator or the MoneyPass® website.

Can I make a deposit to my Bank of Washington account at a MoneyPass ATM?

Not currently. Please do not make a deposit at other MoneyPass® ATM’s. If you wish to make a deposit at an ATM, please visit a Bank of Washington deposit accepting ATM only.

I was chargged a fee at an ATM that I believed to be a surcharge-free MoneyPass ATM. What can I do?

If you used your Bank of Washington ATM/Debit Card and believe that you were charged a fee at a MoneyPass® ATM, please contact Bank of Washington directly at 636-239-7831 .