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Debit Card

Business debit cards with the Bank of Washington give you quick access to your account almost anywhere. With built in security, ATM access and no annual fees, you can shop, purchase and enjoy anywhere MasterCard® is accepted.


Whether you are a new business customer opening an account, or a current business customer who needs a replacement card, with our instant issue debit cards you can get your debit card in a matter of minutes! 

Easily manage spending through the ability to adjust individual user daily limits on both ATM withdrawals as well as point of sale transactions on each card attached to your account.

Every transaction can be viewed almost immediately via Online Banking and Mobile Banking and is recorded on your monthly statement. 

Withdraw funds at any Bank of Washington ATM and deposit funds at select Bank of Washington ATMs.

Make everyday purchases and pay bills with merchants displaying the MasterCard® logo. Unlike credit cards, when you use your debit card, the transactions are deducted from your checking account.


Are instant debit cards different?

The design of the cards is updated, as well as instant debit cards are printed, so your card number and name are not raised as they are with older traditional cards. Other than that, your instant debit card functions in exactly the same way as a traditional card.

Can I still receive a traditional debit card?

If you prefer a standard, embossed, debit card, visit any branch or  contact us . Standard cards take 7 - 10 business days to arrive.

Which locations offer instant debit cards?

All of our  six locations can get you set up with an instant debit card. All four locations in Washington as well as Villa Ridge allow you to walk out of the branch with the debit card. If you visit our branch in Gray Summit, they too can help you with the option of picking up your card at our Villa Ridge location or getting it mailed to you, which typically takes 2 - 5 business days.

Sign up today! 

Call us at 636-239-7831 or contact us for more information.