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The Bank of Washington is pleased to bring you industry-leading identity defense designed to Secure, Monitor and Restore your personally identifiable information with our Identity Shield product, powered by EZShield. Why take chances with your personal information and finances - when you can take action to help safeguard your sensitive data today!

Bank of Washington's Identity Shield service powered by EZShield provides you with:

  • Certified Resolution Specialists to help alleviate the impact of fraud or identity theft on you and your family*.
  • Personal assistance if you or your family* experiences identity theft or a lost/stolen wallet containing personally identifiable information.
  • Secure online storage to conveniently manage your and your family’s* sensitive personal information, eliminate paper trails and reduce your fraud and identity theft risks.
  • The EZShield Promise®: Should you or your family* experience an identity theft event, preventative and complimentary services will be deployed to help reduce further risks.
  • Daily black market scans of personally identifiable information for all enrolled account owners age 18 or older.  
Free for Gold Advantage Checking Account Owners
$5 per person, per month for any other Bank of Washington Checking Account Owners


Enroll at any Bank of Washington branch today!

*Family members enrolled by Bank of Washington’s Identity Shield service are limited to the individuals properly registered through EZShield and his/her affiliated persons. Affiliated persons are defined as the spouse or domestic partner of a registered EZShield member and dependent children under the age of 21 who live with the registered EZShield member and dependent children under the age of 25 who are full-time students, as determined by IRS dependency requirements.