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Safe Deposit Boxes

Bank of Washington safe deposit boxes offer a secure place to store valuables and important documents in a trusted location. Safe deposit boxes are offered in a variety of sizes depending on your individual needs and the low annual rental rate provides you peace of mind. 


Safe Deposit Boxes are available at our Downtown, 14th St, 5th St & Villa Ridge locations. Some boxes are more popular so there may be a waiting list, depending on the location.

Dimensions Annual Rent 
2in x 5in x 22in (Downtown & 14th St. Branch Only) $10.00
3in x 5in x 22in $15.00
5in x 5in x 22in $20.00
3in x 10in x 22in $30.00
5in x 10in x 22in $40.00
10in x 10in x 22in $75.00


When opening a Safe Deposit Box as a new customer, we ask that you also open a deposit account with us. 

Contents of safe deposit boxes are not FDIC insured.