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Four Reasons to Support Small Businesses on Saturday…and Every Day!

The “go local” movement has gained significant traction over the past eight years and is expected to continue its acceleration, given the preferences of emerging generations, like Millennials. This is evidenced in part by the continued growth of shopping locally on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which is drawing attention to supporting small businesses across the country.

Many consumers can say they enjoy shopping locally “because it’s a good thing to do,” but the practice brings many tangible benefits to local economies and families. Here are four reasons to patronize local businesses:

  1. Strengthen Local Economies. Approximately 67 cents of every dollar spent at a small business stays in the local economy. In addition, local shops are often less susceptible to nationwide economic pressure, so with continued support, “consumers can strengthen their bench,” so to speak. Furthermore, success begets success: the progress of small businesses and entrepreneurs in any community attracts other enterprising business owners.
  1. Provide Jobs. Small businesses have provided more than eight million jobs to Americans since 1990. These job holders are neighbors who likely have higher incentive to provide the best service to customers because of their pride in serving their communities.
  1. Shape the Personality of Your Hometown. Small businesses provide cities with distinct character, charm and identity. Supporting specific businesses is akin to voting with one’s wallet and gives consumers the power to direct the growth of their communities.
  1. Unique Offerings. Small businesses tend to carry hidden gems—unique services or items that can’t be found elsewhere. Patronizing those local businesses ensures consumers will always be able to find that perfect gift or uncommon service that helps their own business or family.

Start your holiday shopping and fulfill two needs with one deed: complete your holiday shopping checklist and fuel the backbone of your hometown.