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Kids Go Green, Jr.

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We know there are many ways to teach children the importance of making sound financial decisions. We also know it's never too early to start! Any child that is age 1 through kindergarten is eligible to participate in our Kids Go Green, Jr. program! The child will learn two ways to save: by performing a task and by setting a goal.


The Details

bright green hand icon Age:

  • All children that are age 1 through kindergarten are eligible.
dark green hand icon Earn $10: 
  • Bank of Washington Kids Go Green Jr. banks are available at any branch location! If your child colors the bank and brings it to any of our six locations for us to see, we will deposit $10 into his or her Bank of Washington Statement Savings account.*
bright green hand icon Earn $20: 
  • Start encouraging saving by filling the Kids Go Green Jr. bank! Once your child saves $20, bring it to the Bank of Washington to deposit into his or her Statement Savings Account, and we will match the $20 deposit.*
dark green hand icon Savings Account: 
  • A Bank of Washington Statement Savings account in the child's name is required for participation. Existing accounts count towards eligibility. Please see more details below.

Savings Account Information:

Statement Savings
  • An opening deposit of $25.00 or more will start a Statement Savings account for the purpose of joining Kids Go Green, Jr. Simple interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly. Existing statement savings accounts are eligible. 
  • Click here for the current Interest Rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Rates are subject to change after account opening, and certain fees may reduce account earnings. Rates are subject to change without notice. No minimum balance required to earn the stated APY. 

Membership Renewal

Membership automatically renews each year for current Kids Go Green Jr. Members. Each year, children that are age 1 through kindergarten are eligible to continue earning extra savings through the Kids Go Green Jr. program. Program benefits and terms and conditions may change each year. Ask a Bank of Washington representative or this website for details each year.

*Earnings may be subject to IRS reporting. Offers expire 12.31.2021. Offers are good one time only in 2021. All children that are age 1 through kindergarten are eligible again in 2022 for new offers with the program.

Minor children must have a parent or legal guardian as a joint account owner. We will ask to see the minor child's Social Security card to open an account.

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