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Kids Go Green Club

Kids Go Green logoKids Go Green Club

Grades 1st - 8th

Kids Go Green members are encouraged to be smart savers and give back to the community! Each year, the club members have missions to complete centered around the community and saving money. The steps to saving are simple, but impactful.

EARN $30*

When your child fills their Bank of Washington green piggy bank, and brings it to one of our 6 branches to deposit into their Bank of Washington Statement Savings account, the Bank of Washington will match their piggy bank savings deposit up to $30!* (One time only in 2021.)

EARN $10*

Give back to the community! Encourage your child to donate their time, toy or talent to a nonprofit organization. Then, come with your child to the bank and either bring with you a receipt or a picture of them participating, and we will deposit an extra $10* into their account! (One time only in 2021.) 

EARN $10*

Save more by being a good student! When your child brings in their report card with one or more A’s or B’s (or equivalent) on it, we will deposit an extra $10* into their account!** (One time only in 2021.)

EARN $10*

Make a thank you card to show appreciation! Ideas could be making a card for a teacher, first responder, police officer, firefighter, veteran, family member or friend! Thank you notes are a great opportunity to teach gratitude and good manners, plus they help us appreciate what we have. Simply show us the thank you card and we will deposit an extra $10* into their account! (One time only in 2021.)

Statement Savings Account:

A Bank of Washington Statement Savings account in the child's name is required for participation in Kids Go Green. Existing accounts count towards eligibility.

An opening deposit of $25.00 or more will start a statement savings account for the purpose of joining Kids Go Green. Simple interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly. Existing statement savings accounts are eligible.

Minor children must have a parent or legal guardian as a joint account owner.  We will ask to see the minor child's Social Security card to open an account.

*Earnings may be subject to IRS reporting.  Offers expire 12.31.2021. **Report card must be presented within one month of the current quarter end. $10 for one report card, not per grade, one time only in 2021.