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Kids Go Green club members are encouraged to be smart savers, help the environment and give back to the community! Each year, the club members receive a stamp card with different quests to complete. The quests are centered around the community and saving money. The steps to saving are simple, but impactful.

5 Go Green Quests for 2015!

The 5 Go Green Quests are simple savings milestones. All events are either focused on saving for the future or helping our community! Be sure to bring your stamp card with you to the bank so we can stamp it when you complete one of the 5 Go Green Quests!

  1. Get started Going Green by signing up to receive eStatements ! If your account already has eStatements, you get a stamp too!
  2. Fill your Bank of Washington green piggy bank, and bring it to one of our 6 branches to deposit into your Bank of Washington savings account! Bank of Washington will match your piggy bank savings deposit up to $30!* (One time only in 2015.)
  3. Give back to the community! Donate your time, toy or talent to a nonprofit organization, and either bring us a receipt or a picture of you participating, and we will deposit an extra $10* into your account! (One time only in 2015.)
  4. Save more by being a good student! Bring in your report card with one or more A’s or B’s (or equivalent) on it, and we will deposit an extra $10* into your account!** (One time only in 2015.)
  5. Perform the four random acts of kindness featured on your stamp card! Once all four are complete, we will deposit an extra $10* into your account! (One time only in 2015.) 


    • Age : Any student in 1st through 8th grade is eligible.
    • Stamp Card : Bring your stamp card with you to the Bank each time so we can stamp it when you complete one of the 5 Go Green Quests.
    • Savings Account : A Bank of Washington Statement Savings account in the member’s name is required for participation. Existing accounts count towards eligibility.
    • Membership Renewal: Membership automatically renews each year for current Kids Go Green members. A new stamp card may be picked up at any branch location. The 5 Go Green Quests may be subject to change each year.

    Savings Account Information:

    Statement Savings

    • An opening deposit of $25.00 or more will start a statement savings account for the purpose of joining the free Kids Go Green club. Simple interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly. Existing statement savings accounts are eligible.
    • When you open an account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you. Your Social Security card is required to verify your identity.
    • Click here for the current Interest Rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Rates are subject to change after account opening, and certain fees may reduce account earnings. Rates are subject to change without notice. No minimum balance required to earn the stated APY.

    *Gifts may be subject to IRS reporting. Offers expire 12.31.15.

    **Report card must be presented within one month of the current quarter end. $10 for one report card, not per grade, one time only in 2015.

    Children under 18 must get permission from their parent or legal guardian to join the Kids Go Green club, and a parent or legal guardian must sign as a joint account owner.